Authentically Me

As I am finishing up my MBA I am constantly getting asked what I want to do. “What do you want to do in life?” “What are your goals?” But just the other day I was asked in an interview “Who is Kacy,” and I was taken aback. Sometimes you get the questions to credential yourself like where you have work worked or what your expertise is so when I started to credential myself they had to stop me and restate the question: “Who is Kacy and how would you describe yourself and how would others describe me.”

I was taken aback and really had to sit there for a second and think. Who am I? How would people explain me? Am I nice? Am I mean? Am I the life of the party or am I the book nerd? I gave it my best go and I think I answered pretty good for the interview but I walked about really thinking about that question.

Who I am today is not who I was yesterday and won’t be the same as who I am tomorrow. That is what I have come to realize and I find joy in this. We are not stuck in time, we are able to change ourselves everyday. Every morning is a new day and every new day we can change. Each new day we have to remember that although we have to ability to change we need to remember who we are.

Don’t let social pressures be your driving forces of change in your life. Change should be something that you do for yourself. Never lose site of who you are. Don’t be afraid to be different and be proud of who you are. If you aren’t proud today, you can change and become someone you will be proud of tomorrow.

As I pursue happiness, I have to remember that everyday is a new day. I also have to remember that I am who I am because that is who I want to be. I am authentically me and no one can take that from me. Happiness comes with being conformable with who you are and becoming self aware. Everyone should ask themselves “Who am I,” and really take a minute to try and answer. If you don’t like your answer, you can change any and everyday.

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