Famished for Time

Have you ever been running late to an appointment? Or have you ever felt like you don’t have enough time in your day to get everything done. Sometimes twenty four hours does not feel like enough. There are multiple studies that show that people are starving for time. This starving feeling has a negative affect on our lives and we can start to feel depressed, anxiety and unhappy.

People that have more feel time experience less stress and more happiness. When something is cancelled or you seem to gain time, it is called time affluence. Time affluence is the feeling when get when we feel wealthy in time. Sometimes the unexpected time off is can be so helpful for our well being.

In the era of technology and convince, we tend to find ourselves over estimating how busy we truly are. Our minds play tricks on us and tell us that we are always busy but we are actually less busy than we think. We just don’t realize as we are sped through daily activities that would actually make us feel better. We don’t give ourselves enough time to travel from one location to the other, we rush through the check out lines and we tend to rush getting ready in the morning.

These activities are made faster through technology but if we gave ourselves more time to do them we could be a little less stressed and a whole lot happier. Cars make traveling from point A to point B faster than we should give ourselves time for. To not have to rush through traffic or fear being late the whole car ride. We should practice giving ourselves five more minutes each time we are traveling by car. We might see our stress levels decrease. 

We also like to speed out when checking out at a grocery store. The convince that technology has placed on checking out has increased our anxiety as we do not like waiting too long. Next time we should pick up a magazine at the grocery store line or bring a book from home and get lost.in the words. This strategy will help with your anxiety as you won’t focus on the speed at which you will get out of the grocery store but rather enjoy the five minutes you have to yourself.

Lastly, I am sure most of you have heard about this strategy but you should set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you typically do in the morning. Again technology has sped up our morning routines, we brew coffee faster, we blow dry our hair faster, we even can start warming up our car sooner by clicking a few buttons. These technologies have increase our connivance but have decreased our relationship with our time. Taking the extra ten minutes every morning to slow down will help you get a better start to the long day ahead.

Change your mindset from “there is only 24 hours in a day” to “I have 24 hours today.” And try to make the best of them by bettering your relationship with the time you have. If you took the time to read this through, you have already gained five minutes of your 24 hours and bettered your relationship with yourself and will time. Spread the happiness by sharing on one of the below platforms! 

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