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Blogging And Mediating

I guess I have never really talked about the importance of talking. My journey to finding happiness started a while ago but when I was introduced to mindfulness I have since incorporated some mindfulness practices in my life. One of the mindfulness practices is mediation. The other practice is writing and as you can tell, … Continue reading “Blogging And Mediating”

Light Us Up

Whether you are happy or sad, music can be there for you. Researchers have found that music can affect our mood both in a positive way and a negative way. Upbeat music can help boost our mood in a positive way. And even though most people would assume that when we listen to sad or … Continue reading “Light Us Up”

The Art of Making Friends

As a business student the concept of networking and building relationships was always stressed ever since freshman year of college. Now six years later I’m still learning that networks are key but sometimes networks don’t always have to be just business related. Networks are essential and not only to my professional life but life in … Continue reading “The Art of Making Friends”

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